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Cash Management Services

Cash Management Services is a solution for running a more efficient and therefore, a more profitable business.  Once the sign up process is complete you can access Cash Management Services safely and securely from any authorized computer with an Internet connection.  Itís simple and more importantly, it's secure!

Cash Management Services is a convenient and great tool for any business that would like to:

  • Offer employees direct deposit of payroll
  • Create ACH transactions to collect funds from customers (rent, club fees, tuition, etc.)
  • Transfer funds between your State Bank of Lincoln accounts
  • View account status, balances, and transaction activity
  • Specify rights by individual to create dual controls over disbursement activity
  • Set balance and transaction alerts
  • Download account activity and reconcile accounts
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • View and print your monthly statements
  • Pay federal taxes (EFTPS authorized entities)

We here at State Bank of Lincoln are ready to assist you with training and continuous support for our Cash Management Service customers!

Click here for a list of supported browsers.

Contact Debbie Stout to learn about the services that are available to you with Cash Management Services at State Bank of Lincoln

Debbie Stout  
Online Banking Administrator  
Lincoln Office 217-735-7100  



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