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Status 60 Program

One advantage to our business owners is our Status 60 program.  Through the program, we provide many free banking services for our customers age 60 and over.  The program benefits both our senior customers and local businesses, as our members are given a list of participating merchants and Status 60 ID card to use when making purchases at the participating merchants.

We promote your business.

At no cost to our merchants, all participating receive free advertising as they are:

  • Mentioned in the annual newsletter we send to members;
  • Noted on our bank statements mailed to accountholders when they are in the “Merchant Spotlight”;
  • Listed in the Status 60 program booklet given to all new members;
  • Welcome to bring in informational brochures and/or have a display at one or more of our locations during the months they are in the “Merchant Spotlight”; and
  • Continuously listed on our website.
  • All Merchant specials are valid all year round to Status 60 members.    


Window signs are sent to merchants for their use during their spotlighted month and are used at all bank locations to advertise merchants during their spotlighted month.

All of this is done to promote your business name and dollars spent in the communities we jointly serve.  Each merchant has a year-round special or discount that is given to Status 60 customers.  The special or discount can be changed or modified, and when we are notified all materials given to members are updated.

We would welcome your business to our list of participating merchants.  To become a Status 60 program participating merchant, please print the attached Status 60 Merchants Agreement and take it one of our locations or mail it to us.

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