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On September 04, 1903, a charter was issued by the State of Illinois Auditor's office granting a group of progressive men the right to establish a new financial institution. The LINCOLN STATE BANK opened it's doors for business on January 16, 1904. In December of 1916, a building site was purchased on Broadway street and construction began to build a new bank facility. On February 12, 1918, the bank moved to its new location at 506 Broadway. Over the passage of time, another expansion was necessary, and in May of 1963, STATE BANK OF LINCOLN made 508 Broadway, its permanent home where the main bank facility is still located.

With the continued growth and the desire to serve the people of Logan County better, the State Bank of Lincoln expanded its operations throughout the years with additional locations. In 1979, State Bank West, located at 818 Woodlawn Rd., Lincoln, Illinois, was opened. This facility offers deposit accounts, customer service and safety deposit boxes. It is also known as having "people hours" with it's doors opening at 7:30 a.m, Monday through Saturday.  Then in 1992, Sangamon Street Facility was opened at 111 N. Sangamon, Lincoln, Illinois. This facility now offers our downtown drive-up facility, trust department and servicing department. In 2007, State Bank opened it's fourth location inside the Wal-Mart Supercenter allowing for expansion of our evening business hours to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. With 4 locations in Logan County, our customers have the options they need to make doing business with State Bank of Lincoln easier than ever!

STATE BANK OF LINCOLN IS "LINCOLN'S OLDEST BANK." During it's centennial celebration in 2004, State Bank of Lincoln advertised it's goal as "Our interest has been solely in the progress of the community, because a bank can only be as prosperous as the people we deal with. Our constant endeavor is to assist in strengthening the position of the individuals of this area, and the community itself." Even today, after a century of service to the area, State Bank of Lincoln continues to believe in this philosophy.

State Bank of LincolnóClinton Branch History

In 2009, the State Bank of Lincoln acquired both branches of The John Warner Bank.  The State Bank of Lincoln has always been a leader in community service, and this continues today.  This acquisition greatly strengthened the bank and further strengthened the ties to the area and the local community.  The State Bank of Lincoln retained the employees of The John Warner Bank during the acquisition which helped re-enforce their commitment as being a local community bank. 

The State Bank of Lincoln Clinton branch was established in 1867 as The John Warner Bank.  The John Warner Bank was a fixture in the Clinton area for over 140 years.  It served the people as a true community bank.  The employees were from the area and had a truly vested interest in the success of the bank and the community.

In 1996, The John Warner Bank IGA branch was opened.  This allowed for greater convenience and service to the community.  With expanded hours on weekends and evenings it gave the bank another way to serve the community.

The State Bank of Lincoln is very happy to have a bank with so many local ties and local leadership. The Downtown Clinton branch has been newly remodeled.  Stop by and see it!

Bank Scene 1905

Bank Scene 1905

Old Building

Old Main Branch

Renovation of Main Branch

Renovation of Main Branch


Newly Remodeled Downtown Clinton


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