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Complete administrative and custody services including accounting, recordkeeping and collection of income are provided, but no investment management is performed or advice is given.

Escrow Agency

As Escrow Agent, we hold documents deposited with us until the terms of the contract have been satisfied or until we are directed in writing to release the documents. We also may be responsible for receipting for all payments and remitting them to the seller(s).

Farm Management

Our Farm Management duties include, but are not limited to, farm inspections and upkeep, crop planning and monitoring, grain marketing and government programs, tenant selections and farm leases, and meeting the goals of the landowner(s).

For Executor, Administrator or Trustee

Administrative and custody services including accounting, record keeping and collection of income are provided by us, while investment management and administration of an estate or trust are carried out by the Executor, Administrator or Trustee.

Investment Management

Full management of your investments, cash and real estate is done as prescribed in writing by your Agency Agreement.

Power of Attorney

Securities, cash and real estate are managed according to the powers set forth in a Power of Attorney document. The Bank is appointed Agent to deal with property. An agent may be empowered to act throughout the principal's lifetime, including during periods of disability.

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