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Charitable Trust
Desirable tax benefits can be obtained by establishing a Charitable Trust. Charities can be the primary beneficiaries or the remainder beneficiaries.

Land Trust
Privacy of ownership is one of the main reasons why landowners establish a land trust. As trustee, our duties are limited to holding title to real estate.

Life Insurance Trust
If funded during life, life insurance proceeds can be excluded from your taxable estate. If funded upon death, or the death of a surviving spouse, management of the life insurance proceeds is provided by the trustee for the benefit of your beneficiaries.

Qualified Exchange Intermediary Trust
Capital gains tax can be avoided if a landowner properly structures the sale of real estate and purchase of replacement property according to the timeline and procedures established by the Internal Revenue Service. We can serve as the intermediary to receive sale proceeds and disburse funds upon purchase of replacement property.

Trust under Agreement
A Trust under Agreement is an effective way to provide for management of your assets, obtain protection of your assets in the event of illness or incapacity, and carry out your estate plan.

Trust under Will
Often times a trust is created by a will to provide continuous and effective management of assets on behalf of beneficiaries and/or to minimize federal estate taxes.

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