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Status 60 Program



If you’re age 60 or better, we invite you to become a Status 60 program member.  Through the program, we provide many free banking services for customers age 60 and over.  Members are given a list of participating merchants and Status 60 ID card to use for specials or discounts when making purchases at participating merchants.


Status 60 Membership

To become a Status 60 member you or your spousal joint account holder must:

Be age 60 and have a personal account relationship with us.  Your account relationship can be a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit, loan, safe deposit box, or Wealth Management account.


Status 60 Benefits

No annual fee;

No minimum account balance;

Specials or discounts from local merchants;

Waiver of monthly service charges for non-interest bearing and NOW accounts;

Quarterly service charges waived on savings accounts;

Unlimited free Status 60 checks (one box of single or duplicate checks per order from Deluxe Check Co.);

No fees for Money Orders or Cashiers’ Checks (combined limit of 5 per month);

No fees for photocopying;

No fees for Notary services;

Annual newsletters with topics of interest; and

Wealth Management counseling.

(Status 60 benefits are for Personal Accounts only. Penalties for early withdrawals on CDs, Overdrafts Charges, and Stop Payment Charges are NOT waived.)


Status 60 Merchants

All of this is done to reward you and improve your quality of life.  Participating merchants have a year-round special or discount that is given to Status 60 customers. 

We would welcome your membership.  To become a Status 60 member, please print the attached Status 60 Membership Enrollment Form and take it one of our locations or mail it to us.

For more information, call us at 800-847-1008 or 217-735-5551 to contact a Customer Service Representative.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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